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Gel Nail Polish

unna exclusive compound formula.
Provides excellent pigment saturation for brilliant color.Celebrate the beauty of nature with the full-color collection from unna

Color Gel Collection

Including 88 hottest colors selected from unna 900 colors, A ready color chart with coated nail tips, One base coat and one top coat, And an exquisite box
The collection of 88 high-quality colors makes you enter the color world of unna. Once you have used unna, you will love it and share with other nail artists.

Functional Gel

Base coat, Top coat, hardener, Balancing gel and so on.
Extraordinary shine, easy to remove, long-lasting wear resistance, no discoloration and no cracking.

Nail Tools

Whether you're a starter or a nail artist, there's sure to be a nail art tool for you.
A good tool will reduce damage to your nails while giving you a pleasant experience.
Product Advantages

Rigorous Selection Of Nail Polish Materials

Branded Advantages

900 Colors Specially Designed

Why Choose unna?

Develop Your Dream Nail Products

Choose your own bottle, print your own logo and 
start your own nail art business at unna from now!
Feedback About Our UV Gel /Gel Nail/
Color Gel Polish
UNNA has really made its way into my heart! High gloss and is truly a no-wipe worry. I will definitely add this to my must haves when it comes to a top coat. I PAID FOR THIS PRODUCT AND LOVE IT!!!!!
Love this! I’ve started doing my own nails again and this has all the colors/shades I need. I do think the solid colors are a little thinner than other gel brands I’ve used but I’ve learned to just apply an extra coat. I’m looking forward to purchasing other sets from unna.
It's perfect for starting out. I wanted to get gel polish but I often found them to be really expensive. So this is perfect. I usually do french tip but I will be experimenting more. The presentation is wonderful and I can't wait to use them.

Our Blogs

20-10 2022
What is reinforced gel polish

Reinforced gel polish​, also known as hardener ,as the name implies, is a kind of UV gel that increases the firmness. But this is just a simple literal understanding, hardener's function and use can be more than you think.

02-11 2022
how to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?

Allergy to gel polish may be caused by the patient's immune function disorder, the addition of new ingredients to gel polish products, and long-term continuous contact with gel polish that has not been cured, which may lead to the yellowing of nails, brittle nails, or itchy, red and swollen skin, as well as diarrhea and cough.

30-11 2022
How To Stop Nail Lifting

How To Stop Nail LiftingWhy do your gel nails start lifting after only 1 week or even a few days. Here are the reasons.1. Grease residue.If the real nail surface is not cleaned thoroughly and meticulously, the grease film on the real nail surface will not be cleaned, or if you don't pay attention to

04-11 2022
Gel nail lamps: UV vs LED?

Gel nail lamps: UV vs LED? Did you often get a lot of questions about the lamps used in manicure? After all we have talked about the gel application, we should also be clarified with the lamps. Because if you don’t have curing down it doesn’t matter how awesome your application and your nail are, it’s all going to come off. A

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