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Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat

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Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat

Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat?

You can use top coat on ordinary nail polish, Before doing this you must polish the surface of the nail, the human real nail surface is smooth, and greasy, must use sanding hair, or nail polish may not stick firmly, and easy to fall off.

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Detailed operation steps are:

After grinding the nail surface, dusting with a dusting brush, and then use a cotton pad with a certain amount of cleaning liquid to clean the nail surface. It is also important to note that if you do the hand care first and then cure it, if you do not apply sunscreen, it is more likely to lead to skin aging.

But in fact, for ordinary nail polish, you don’t need to do so 

nail polish is easy to cracking after curing it. The step of applying a layer of top coat is specifically for gel polish, which is difficult to dry in natural conditions, while ordinary nail polish can dry in natural conditions easily. The difference between gel polish and regular nail polish is that gel polish lasts longer and can make more beautiful shapes, and by saving the time to dry by curing, gel polish occupies the majority of the nail art market. It would be a better choice.

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The steps to use gel polish for manicure are as follows.

1. First trim the nails, clean the dead skin around the nails, and then use a nail file to polish off the grease layer on the surface of the nails, so that the base gel and nails fit more closely. You can use primer as well.

2. Use the base coat, cure it, then use the color gel, every time you apply it, cure it once, after two times if you think the color is suitable, then you can carry out the top coat, if you think the color effect is not good, you can apply the third time.

3.Choose the type of top coat according to your preference and needs. After applying the top coat, cure it and let the it dry thoroughly so that all the steps are finished. Usually gel polish needs to be removed after 2~3 weeks. When removing, first grind off the top coat and then use nail remover to handle it, avoid picking nails by yourself.

There are also people asking: Can clear nail polish be used as top coat?

The answers is: No! Clear nail polish can't be used as top coat. Transparent nail polish does not have the ability to fix gel polish and is not as strong as gel polish, gel polish has a strong adhesion after use on the nail, and transparent nail polish generally only has a shelf life of four or five days, so it is not suitable for use as top coat.

The point of top coat is to hold the gel polish in place so that it doesn't layer on the nail and crack easily, but obviously clear nail polish doesn't have that ability. The ingredients contained in the top coat are usually chemical based, so it is very strong, but after applying the top coat you need to cure it.

If it is ordinary clear nail polish in the process of curing, it’s very easy to crack. Clear nail polish can't be used as top coat, these two are not the same kind of product.

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