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Color Nail Polish Trends for 2022

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Color Nail Polish Trends for 2022

Colorful nail polish has been around for decades, but now there are new trends that are taking over the market. Some of these trends include glittery polishes, holographic finishes, and even metallic shades.

We've got some predictions on what colors will be popular in the next few years.


Pink is back as one of the top color choices for nail polish. It's not just any old pink either; it's a bright, bold shade that looks amazing on every skin tone.


Purple has been making its comeback since 2017, when it was named "color of the year" by Pantone. Now, purple is taking center stage again with new shades popping up everywhere. From deep purples to light pinks, there are so many options out there.


If you're looking for more color options, check out these blue nail polish trends for 2020.


In 2019, green was one of the top trending colors for nail polish. It's still very much a trend, but we predict that by 2022, green will become even more popular.


Green has been one of the most popular trends for nail polish since 2017. However, orange is making a comeback as well. This color is especially popular among women who love bold fashion statements.

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