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Five nail removal tutorials that don't hurt your nails

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Five nail removal tutorials that don't hurt your nails

Five nail removal tutorials that don't hurt your nails

Doing manicure is fashionable and beautiful, yet it is easy to apply it, but hard to remove it. If you are not careful, your nails will be thinned and become miserable. Next, we will explain how to remove nail polish, nail gel, Acrylic fake nail, builder gel, and acrylic powder nail.

1. Nail polish removal

Nail polish is made from a mixture of volatile chemical solvents and colorants, so it can be quickly broken down with alcohol, which are also solvents. You only need to use the alcohol nail removal pack to gently press and rub to quickly remove it. This is currently the quickest and simplest way to remove nail polish.

nail cleanser

2. nail gel removal

Nail polish is mainly a mixture of resin, photoinitiator and color powder. After being exposed to a specific UV light, it will harden quickly. The nail gel material will become strong after curing and will not dissolve easily with the solvent. The best way to remove the nail gel is to sand the surface of the top coat to reduce its thickness, then wrap the nail with a nail remover pack for 3 to 5 minutes and remove it. Just gently push and scrape with a steel pusher. If there is still a small amount of gel left, sand it down with a sanding strip.

3. Acrylic fake nail removal

Fake nails are thicker and harder than nail gel applied with a single color. Even if you use a nail removal kit directly, it will be very slow and hard. The best way is to use nail clippers to cut it short, then use a polisher to polish off a thin layer of the fake nail, then use a nail removal pack to soften the nail for 5 to 10 minutes. After the time is up, use a steel pusher to remove the residue. Remember, if there is still a large area of un-softened gel residue, do not use tools to push, you should continue to wrap it with the nail removal pack and wait for a period of time to remove it again.

4. builder gel removal

Builder gel nail is the hardest and most difficult type of nail product to remove. If you use the incorrect method or forcefully peel it off, you will cause very serious damage to your own nails and a large area of damage overall. The correct way is to cut it short with a nail clipper first and use a sander to thin the gel as well. (Note: If you still need to do the extensions, you don't need to remove all the gel, just cover it and recreate it.) If you don't want to recreate it, just wrap it with a nail removal pack for 5 to 10 minutes and then use a steel pusher to remove it.

5. Acrylic powder nail removal

Due to the different material of Acrylic powder, the speed of fusion with nail removal pack is faster than builder gel. After you cut it short and polish it, you can remove it after 3 to 5 minutes by wrapping it with a nail removal pack. If there is any residue left after a light push with a steel pusher, just use a sponge to polish it untill it' s clean.

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