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High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen


Introducing the High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen, the perfect choice for anyone looking for professional nail art accessories. This set includes 10pcs nail art painting brushes, covering a range of brushes for different functions, including dotting flowers, drawing lines, and painting.

Made from high-quality materials, the High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen features an alloy mouth tube, nylon and acrylic pen holder, and fiber wool pen holder. Its synthetic hair brush material ensures excellent elasticity and resilience, providing a comfortable and easy-to-hold grip for precise application.

With its stable brush hair on the metal part, the High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen eliminates any worries about falling off and ensures smooth and effortless nail art designs. Its lightweight and comfortable design makes it a great choice for both professional and home use.

The High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen is easy to operate, allowing you to make your nails more beautiful and charming with just a few simple strokes. Its versatility and durability make it a great investment for any nail art enthusiast.

Product Advantages:

  1. Professional nail art accessories.

  2. 10pcs nail art painting brush set with different brushes for different functions.

  3. Stable brush hair on the metal part.

  4. Lightweight and comfortable design.

  5. Excellent elasticity and resilience.

  6. Easy to operate.

  7. Versatile and durable.

Product Features:

  1. Made from high-quality materials.

  2. Synthetic hair brush material.

  3. Weight of 43g.

  4. Color black.

  5. Made in Zhejiang, China.

Usage Methods:

  1. Use the High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen to apply nail art gel painting.

  2. Choose the appropriate brush for the desired design.

  3. Dip the brush into the nail polish or gel and apply to the nails.

  4. Clean the brush after each use with a brush cleaner or with warm water and soap.


  1. Keep the brushes away from children.

  2. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

  3. Store the brushes in a dry and cool place.

  4. Do not expose them to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

  5. In case of any allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.

Quick Details:

  • Brush Material:Synthetic Hair

  • Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

  • Usage:Nail Art Gel Painting

  • Material:Acrylic +nylon

  • Weight:43g

  • Color:Black

In conclusion, the High-grade Solid Wood Nail Pen is a high-quality set of professional nail art accessories that provides stable brush hair, excellent elasticity and resilience, and easy-to-operate design. Its versatility and durability make it a great investment for any nail art enthusiast. Its synthetic hair brush material, lightweight and comfortable design, and certification in Zhejiang, China, ensure its quality and safety for all users.


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