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How To Stop Nail Lifting

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How To Stop Nail Lifting

How To Stop Nail Lifting

Why do your gel nails start lifting after only 1 week or even a few days? Here are the reasons.

1. Grease residue.

If the real nail surface is not cleaned thoroughly and meticulously, the grease film on the real nail surface will not be cleaned, or if you don't pay attention to protect the real nail after cleaning and keep touching the real nail surface, it may cause buckling.

2. Not using the same brand of primer.

Nowadays, nail polish is a removable product and refuses to be mixed with acidic substances.

And we suggest using the same brand of the same series of products, which is more reliable during the nail polish application If you do not fully understand the characteristics of the product, mixing different brands of products is likely to cause adverse consequences.

3. Not using a primer.

The use of primer is necessary in order for the nails to bond better with gel-based products.

 nail primer

So how to make your nails last four+ weeks and stop all signs of lifting? Here is the solution.

How to prepare your nails before a manicure?

Like with any nail service make sure you’re starting with clean and sanitized hands. We are going to begin by pushing back the cuticles to expose any dead tissue. While doing this, make sure that you don’t angle your cuticle pusher too much or keep it too parallel to the nail because you may slip and cause damage to the root of the natural nail. Then you can begin to prep it.

In this step, your goal is to gently remove that dead tissue, and remove the shine from the nail and create a rough surface. And when it comes to prepping the nail plate there are two different ways that you can do it.

One is with a hand file and the other is with a E-file or nail drill machine.

With hand file

A hand file is perfect for beginners who are just learning because the hand file is a lot easier to control than an e-file and you are less likely to cause damage. So, whenever you are using a hand file, make sure that you have full control so it won’t slip and hurt your fingers. And when you do it, just lightly feather over the nail to remove the shine and the dead tissue underneath to create that rough surface for you gel polish.

With nail drill machine

If you are a professional, we suggest that you use an E-file, which is perfect for someone looking to speed up the prep process.

In the prep step, never use a coarse grit on the nail plate because this can cause damage. And make sure that the speed of the E-file is between 3 to 4. Then you can gently file the surface of the nail. Remember to keep your drill parallel to the nail plate instead of pointing down, otherwise, it will leave visible marks on your nails.

After you have filed the surface of your nails with the nail drill machine, you are ready to start the next step.

how to use primer

Why do you need a primer?

What you are going to need is a primer. This is the key player in how long your acrylic nails will actually last. It’s also only necessary to be applied on the natural nail plate. What the primer does is it creates the perfect surface for your nail and the gel to bond. So this is not a dehydrator. A dehydrator removes the oils from the surface of the nail and it will dry your nails really fast.

If you used to seeing primers with acid, those are the ones that dehydrate the nail plate. The reason you want to avoid those is because they could cause allergic reactions or if you have sensitive nail plates this can cause a burning sensation. And, when you finished applying the primer don’t be thrown off by the shiny surface, that’s exactly what you want. Because that’s going to ensure that your gel polish stay on your nails for four to five weeks.

If you complete all the above steps strictly, I am sure you will get perfect prepped nails. That is also a guarantee that your nails won't lifting.

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