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How does Cat Eye Gel Polish work?

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How does Cat Eye Gel Polish work?

How does Cat Eye Gel Polish work?

The magnet powder inside the cat eye gel is attracted and gathered under the action of a magnet. Under the reflection of light, a band of light like the pupil of a cat eye appears, i.e. a thin, narrow and bright reflection on the surface, the effect is like a cat eye stone, and that's why the name is cat eye gel.

Cat eye nail polish, as the name implies, is made to look like a cat's eye, and can show different shades of light under the change of light, and attract attention when applied on the nails like a cat eye stone.

cateyegel polish

Cat eye manicure application steps

1, first prepare all the nail polish and tools, all the nails will be polished and clipped, and then apply a layer of base coat, cure it under the lamp, for about 60 seconds.

2, apply cat eye nail gel, full nail coating, so that the cat eye gel becomes more full and lasts longer.

3, use a magnet to attract, based on the effect you want, the operation ways can be different, and then cure it under the light, and finally apply a layer of top coat, and cure it for at least 60 seconds.

cat eye polish

Notes for doing cat eye manicure by yourself

1, when using cat eye nail gel, it is best to use with the combination of primer and removable top coat, otherwise the nail is easy to crack and difficult to remove.

2, Apply cat eye nail gel only once, not too thin, and not too thick.

3, the magnet doesn't need to be special, It can also be your refrigerator magnet or other, do not have to buy a professional magnet, each magnet is different, you can use them to create a unique cat eye manicure.


Different colors of cat eye nails will have different textures and cat eye nails with different colors of glowing particles, also red cat eye nails. The blue luminous particles give the fingertips a unique look and a cool feeling, while the silver shine looks more natural and gentle.

Cat eye nails are really beautiful. The glamorous shine is like setting gemstones on the fingertips. The crystalline feeling fills the fingertips with aura.

Cat eye nail with halo shell nail, two different luminous elements combined together will have magic and make the fingertips more energetic

We will share with you how to do cat eye manicure. Please check the two links below and give us a like if you find them useful. Thank you very much.

cat eye gel manicure tutorial

advanced cat eye manicure tutorial

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