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How to choose color nail gel?

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How to choose color nail gel?

The ingredients of ordinary nail gel generally consist of two categories, one is composed of solid ingredients, mainly pigments, glossy substances, etc.; the other consists of liquid solvent components, mainly acetone, ethyl acetate phthalate, formaldehyde.

  • What are the different classifications and functions of nail gel?

  • How to choose color nail gel?

  • How to remove nail gel?

What are the other uses of nail gel?

There are some loose screws, how did you deal with it here? Just remove the square screws, next, apply a coat of clear nail gel to the ends of the screws and quickly screw them into the grooves, the polish will act as an interior trim to glue them together. Aside from bonding, another cool use is polish on outdoor furniture, which prevents rust, prevents rain from scouring, and keeps those screws looking new and good. If there is a torn or punctured window screen, there is no need to replace it, because repairing it is very simple, just apply clear nail gel on the front and back of the torn screen and blow dry it with a hair dryer. Maybe the repair wasn't perfect.

How to choose color nail gel?

Given a whole shelf of nail gel, aside from the color, where do you choose?

Here are some highlights for your reference:

1.When buying, remove the nail gel brush to see if it drips smoothly over the brush in the form of water drops. If the flow is very slow, this means that the nail gel bottle is too thick and not easy to wipe evenly.

2.When the brush is removed, press the bottle opening left and right to test the elasticity of the bristles.

3. Try to choose nail gel with thin bristles that are easier to apply (compare the bristles of different nail gel brands).

4.When the brush is filled with nail gel and removed, the brush still retains a slender shape at the end, indicating that the brush is good and some become very thick.

5. Look at the production date.

How to remove nail gel?

1. Use nail gel remover to remove

Volatile organic solvents in nail gel remover can help dissolve and remove nail gel.

2. Use cleaning oil to remove

To remove the finished nails, we can use cleaning oil. First, apply a thin layer of makeup remover to your lacquered nails, then wait about 3 to 5 minutes before slowly rubbing with something hard. Finally, gently wipe with a cotton pad and wipe off. Rinse your hands with water.

3. Use hairspray to remove

Hairspray and nail gel contain the same chemical ingredients. Do not leave the hairspray on too long, otherwise it will dry out on the nails. It hurts the nails and leaves unsightly marks.

4. Use toothpaste to remove

All you need is a dab of toothpaste and then an old toothbrush or paper towel to wipe off the nail gel. In general, white toothpaste is best for removing nail gel.

UNNA has finally developed a groundbreaking 900-color system specifically designed for all nail artists to simplify color selection with impressive and powerful visual effects. In addition, UNNA's compound formula, consisting of the medical photosensitive resin and cosmetic color paste, makes its gel even more outstanding.

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