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How to do a cat eye manicure?

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How to do a cat eye manicure?

Cat eye nail manicure has always been very popular.

because it's simple and beautiful! It is called "cat's eye manicure" because it looks like a cat's eye.

cat eye manicure

Here is the tutorial for cat eye nail manicure

cat eye manicure tutorial


Trim the nail shape with a trimmer, followed by lightly sanding the nail surface with a sponge thumb and sweeping up the dust from the sanding with a dust brush.

Apply cat eye gel.

Apply cat eye gel, Please note that the cat eye gel does not need to be applied too thickly, and only one layer is needed.And, you need to start modeling immediately after applying the cat eye gel. Do not cure it before modeling


when using magnet, you can use one or two pieces, the combination of two pieces will show different effects;

We have gathered for you 8 common looks of cat eye nail manicure.

cat eye style

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