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How to get a healthy manicure?

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How to get a healthy manicure?

How to get a healthy manicure?

Many girls have the habit of getting a regular manicure, but if it is not done properly or too often, it can be harmful to the health of your nails.

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Hazards of frequent manicure

1. Thinning of nails after polishing

The nail will be polished first, resulting in thinner, softer nails and damaged nail enamel. After the nails become thin, they will be easily infected by fungus. Many people use their hands to peel off the nail polish when the nail polish is not completely off, so the surface layer of the nail will also be damaged.

2, easy to get infected

Some street stores hygiene is not up to standard. Nail services there have many problems, such as used towels, tweezers, clippers and other tools, can't get frequent disinfection. Using unclean tools, customers can easily be infected with ringworm, gray nails, nail fungus, hepatitis and other diseases.

3, poor quality nail polish is harmful to the human body

Many nail salons use cheap nail polish, poor quality nail polish will make the nail surface pigmentation, dry, yellow, brittle, dull, and with irritating odor, also has a negative impact on human health.

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How should I do my manicure?

  1.  Choose your nail salon carefully. be sure to use the proper business production of nail polish.

  2.  reduce the frequency of manicure. The nail growth cycle is normally an average of 0.1mm per day.

  3. The average daily nail growth cycle is 0.1mm, and a healthy and intact nail is usually trimmed once every 7 to 11 days. If you do nails for a long time, the chemical elements in the nail polish will affect the growth of the nails, it is recommended to do a manicure once a month, remove it and then do a new one after a week. The nails will be allowed to have a break in between 5~10 days to maintain the natural beauty of the nails.

  4. After doing a manicure, you can use alcohol to disinfect your nails to avoid bacterial.

  5. If you do nail art in summer, it is better to do semi-paste or French style, and try to remove the nails within three weeks.

  6. After removing the nail, you can apply moisturizing cream or cuticle oil. Cuticle Oil can nourish the nail contour and help to get rid of cuticles. Or soak your nails in extra virgin olive oil for 10-15 minutes to help strengthen damaged, fragile or easily broken nails.

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