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How to use Color Nail Gel safely?

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How to use Color Nail Gel safely?

Choose high-quality Nail Gel to last, and it will not hurt the nails and leave no pigment. It is recommended to apply a base coat to protect the nails before applying color Nail polish, then apply color Nail polish, and finally apply a layer of protective Nail polish. Top coat, so that it can protect the nails, but also can protect the nail color.

  • How to use Color Nail Gel safely?

  • Why do girl like to buy and use Nail polish?

  • How to apply top coat correctly?

How to use Color Nail Gel safely?

  1. Look carefully at the description of cosmetic ingredients: You can check the label of the ingredient content on the package, including methanol, benzene, lead, pigment, etc. Try to choose well-known brands, and do not buy products that are not available in roadside stores.

  2. Choose Nail polish by smell: Especially for women with allergies, the rashes caused by Nail polish allergy are usually not on the fingers or toes, but spread on the lips, neck, eyelids and ears.

  3. Apply as little as possible: Do not modify or apply nails in different patterns. Nail polish should not be used as a daily necessities. The interval between two consecutive uses is preferably more than a week.

  4. Avoid direct contact with food with hands painted with Nail polish: especially fried foods that easily dissolve the chemical components in Nail polish. Both Nail polish and Nail polish remover are powerful organic solvents, and long-term exposure may also cause cumulative poisoning to the liver and kidneys. Pregnant women should also avoid Nail polish.

Why do girl like to buy and use Nail polish?

Nail polish

Nail polish is a simple accessory that can transform your entire look and which you can vary to suit your outfit and your mood. Sparkly, shimmer, nude-coloured, bright and colourful, matte or glossy polish? In our range you’ll find everything you need for nail paint, nail decoration and nail care. Depend’s Nail polish is made in Sweden, in Halmstad to be exact, and is pioneering in its choice of ingredients. It provides even coverage, a high shine and long-lasting wear. To extend the life of applied polish, it’s important to do the groundwork, by which we mean nail care, so it lasts longer and does not chip.

How to apply top coat correctly?

The role of the top coat is to protect the color of the Nail polish, so that the color can not be rubbed off, and the nails will become very shiny. The coating method is the same as the base coating method.

When finally removing Nail polish, don't use your hands to buckle, don't scrape with nail clippers, it will damage the nails, you can use Nail polish remover products.

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