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How to use unna'poly gel?

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How to use unna'poly gel?

1: "Poly gel" also known as extension gel, or false nails. Even if your nails are short, you can make longer false nails with poly gel. On extension nails, you can do the same nail art style as on regular nails.


2:Acrylic nails are an extension on your natural nail. In order for them to be applied, your natural nail bed is filed down to create a rough surface for the glue to be able to adhere the nail extension. This will be shaped and buffed, and then painted with either regular or gel polish.


3:It sticks to your nails and hardens over time, lasting 3 to 4 weeks. It has the advantage of being suitable for people with fragile nails. However, at the same time, if it is not removed properly, it may harm the original nail.


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