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Nail Knowledge:Hardener

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 Nail Knowledge:Hardener

Hardener, as the name implies, is a kind of UV gel that increases the firmness. But this is just a simple literal understanding, hardener's function and use can be more than you think. Today we'll get to know what hardener really is.

  • Reinforcing nails

First of all, when our nails become thin and soft for some reasons, you can apply a layer of hardener after the base coat. This way the overall hardness and toughness of the nail is improved. This prevents the nail from breaking frequently and we can easily retain the length of the nail as you wish.

Also, this layer of hardener fills in the little pits on the surface of the nail. The next time you apply a color gel, you can easily apply it evenly and more flatly.

Also, by applying the hardener in the middle of the color gel and the top coat, the color gel will be better protected and will stay on the nail longer.


  • For fixing small decorations

In addition to the above uses, when you want to put small decorations on the nail surface, such as: irregular size sequins, shell pieces, laser paper, etc., you can use hardener to fix it. Compared to the thinner top coat or thicker builder gel, the consistency of hardener is moderate, easy to operate, fast and convenient.

After applying these decorations and sequins, there will be a lot of uneven areas on the surface of the nail, which cannot be completely filled with the top coat only. It's too sticky and slow to use builder gel. So a moderate viscosity reinforcement glue can cover the raised unevenness, but also easy and fast to apply, and if there is still unevenness, you can also sand it with a sanding strip.


  • Blooming effect

When you need to use a certain transparent color and do not have it by your hand, you can find a similar solid color gel with hardener to adjust the transparency. Because the consistency of the hardener is similar to that of a normal color gel, it is very easy to mix it and apply it directly with a clean brush that has been cleaned up with top coat or base coat.

Finally, there is a hidden feature of the reinforcing gel, which is the color gel blooming function. We can apply a layer of hardener on the base color without curing it, and then use various techniques to make the color gel on the hardener gel surface gradually spread out, thus forming a variety of style. Very flexible and practical.


The above is an introduction to the common knowledge and use of hardener, Hope you will gain more in learning and practice.

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