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The history of unna nail

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The history of unna nail

The history of unna nail

  1. Beginning

unnanail is a brand of Yiwu Best Nail Biotechnology Co. It was created in 2015. unnanail was born to be a color expert. Its founder, Seven, has over 10 years of experience in the nail industry and wanted to create a brand with full color and all effects.

   2. Turning Point

In the beginning, unnanail focused on product development and soon launched the 900-color series of products. However, a problem arose. 900 colors were a lot, but the simple color classification made it yet more difficult for nail artists to choose.

So, unnanail approached the China Color Association and relaunched the second generation of the unnanail 900 color gel series by asking professional color experts for advice.

   3. Innovation

Now, unnanail's color classification is no longer simply dividing the same color into one category. unnanail has divided them into 9 collections according to different styles. Now, nail artists can choose the right color according to the customer's style or even mood.

unnanail new 900 colors

Now you can see our beautiful color boards. And our visually striking display shelves.


unnanail is not only committed to color. The second generation of unnanail's color gels is the only product on the market that is truly HEMA-free.Many companies claim that their formulas do not contain HEMA, but after our sampling and testing, all other products contain HEMA. 

In addition to the recipe, unnanail also uses top quality ingredients. For example, color powder.


when creating nail art, it is sometimes necessary to apply each color layer very thinly,

with a thin multi-layer color overlay that brings an exceptionally soft visual beauty.

The thickness of each layer is so thin that it can only be counted in microns after the color layer dries,

which requires the particles of the color powder to be very finely ground. unnanail selects German color powder,

processed by ultra-fine grinding process into nano-level color paste, super fine and smooth.

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