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​What Nail Polish color is currently trendy?

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​What Nail Polish color is currently trendy?

The ingredients of ordinary Nail Polish generally consist of two categories, one is composed of solid ingredients, mainly pigments, glossy substances, etc.; the other consists of liquid solvent components, mainly acetone, ethyl acetate phthalate, formaldehyde.

  • What are the colors of Nail Polish?

  • What principles can be used to choose Nail Polish?

  • What styles of Nail Polish are available?

What are the colors of Nail Polish?

As a cosmetic, Nail Polish will form a film after being applied to the surface of the nails, which not only protects the nails, but also has the effect of beautifying the nails. Nail Polish can be divided into different color series according to its color, such as red series, green series, purple series, etc. Different color series can be subdivided into different color numbers, such as wine red, pink and so on. Due to the differences in the cosmetic effects of different colors of Nail Polish, it is necessary to accurately evaluate the color of Nail Polish. The common method is to perform visual inspection under unified standard light source conditions or in a standard light source box.

What principles can be used to choose Nail Polish?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right Nail Polish. Can it complement your complexion? Is it enough to go with your favorite clothes? Does it look cheap? While it's usually easy enough to answer all of these questions ourselves, we can also look to a very stylish team for nail art inspiration: fashion suits.

Learn from this group of street-style models, bloggers and cool girls. Not only do they know the most popular clothing choices, but they also have a finger on the pulse of the prettiest and most unexpected nail colors. After all, they have an eye for beauty, so it makes perfect sense that this good taste would extend to their fingertips.

What styles of Nail Polish are available?

1. Blush Nails

Blush nails are created by combining beige Nail Polish and pink, a subtle and muted shade. So subtle that it can match almost everything in your wardrobe.

2. Lilac Nails

Lilac is probably the most underrated of all the Nail Polish shades on this list, but when applied gracefully without a ton of manicure, lilac nails look beautiful, especially in spring and summer. The trick is to choose a muted lilac, almost like a lilac version of blush. It also works on most outfits, from blue to grey and pink to yellow. Try it out - you might be surprised how much you like it!

3. Classic Red Nails

Classic red nails are a timeless color that exudes femininity, confidence and overall elegance, nothing more. So no matter what you wear, rest assured that red Nail Polish is always appropriate.

For more information about Nail Polish, please contact UNNA brand, which is committed to improving Nail Polish and making it better, more reliable and consistent. The brand UNNA origins from four words: unlimited, nail, new, artist which shows the mission of the brand - Unlimited new colors are made for nail beauty artists.

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