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What are some practical tips for applying nail polish?

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What are some practical tips for applying nail polish?

The unique formula of color nail polish, the texture is bright and shiny, the color is firm, quick-drying and long-lasting, strong saturation, not easy to fall off, easy to apply. The bristles are dense, moderately soft and hard, and easy to color evenly, which can effectively prevent the nail polish from cracking and keep the nails healthy and shiny.

  • Why do we need to choose the right nail polish?

  • Is brown nail polish still in vogue?

  • What are some practical tips for applying nail polish?

Why do we need to choose the right nail polish?

If you have to have a different work outfit every day, knowing what color nail polish goes with everything will be a big help. You don't have to rush your manicure to look complete with every outfit.

Here, we take a closer look at nail polish colors that are suitable for everyday makeup and still make you look and feel your best. You don't necessarily want it to match your outfit, but you want it to complement your outfit.

Is brown nail polish still in vogue?

In today's era of nude makeup, brown has undoubtedly become the favorite of many nude makeup masters. Many times people like to call brown colors earth colors or nude colors, mainly including chocolate, coffee and amber peach.

Like sapphire blue, brown is a good color. Not as dark as black, nor as eye-catching as other bright colors. Personally, I think that nail polish should not be a distraction, but should be the embellishment of the whole body.

  1. Black clothes, like sapphire blue, are more harmonious. However, compared with sapphire blue, it will give people a more calm feeling.

  2. Brown clothes, although not dazzling, but very temperament.

  3. Gold and silver are also good.

  4. Gray will look dull. If you wear gray, change your nail polish color.

What are some practical tips for applying nail polish?

Seeing that the weather is getting colder and colder, applying nail polish to your nails can protect your nails from breaking! If you don't have a professional present, you should be especially careful when you paint your own nail polish. The following are some practical tips for applying. Hope it can help you!

  1. Clean the edges of the nails. Use a clean small brush to dip some nail polish remover and sweep it around the nail bed, which can clean the edges of the nails and bring convenience to coloring.

  2. Use a nail file skillfully. Use a nail file to trim the front edge of the nail before painting, you just need to sand slowly in the same direction along the edge of the nail.

  3. cold water quick-drying method. After applying your nail polish, dip your fingertips in cold water to dry the polish faster.

  4. Dilute nail polish. If the nail polish is too sticky, you can add a few thinners to thin it out. Special thinners are available in nail shops.

  5. Roll the nail polish bottle. Before coloring, roll the nail polish bottle vertically between your palms to prevent air bubbles from forming when you paint your nails.

After reading this, have you get the idea of ordering a nail polish? At UNNA, you can get the best quality nail polish and the most intimate after-sales service.

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