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What color nail polish would you choose?

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What color nail polish would you choose?

Prime your nails before applying nail polish. In addition to remove grease or cream around and at the base of your nails, apply a protective layer to your nails. Shake the nail polish before applying nail polish to make the color in the bottle as uniform as possible.

  • How to match black nail polish?

  • What color nail polish would you choose?

  • What is the method of applying nail polish?

How to match black nail polish?

Usually people think that black goes well with almost all colors. True, that's mostly true for clothes and shoes, but black nail polish isn't everything.

The trick: When you're in gold and silver clothes, black nail polish is an excellent choice. In fact, it is a simple comparison method. Other places are very dazzling, and the pressure of the fingertips can make people look calmer.

For a simple outfit, choose gold flats, a white or dark brown top, and black skinny jeans. The colors of other accessories can be freely chosen. Black nail polish and any gold on the body can form a strong contrast, and can set off the gold especially shiny.

What color nail polish would you choose?

  1. Lovely pink - pink and tender pink is always the representative color of kawaii and is most popular with beautiful girls. Bright pink, lively and elegant, neither glamorous nor mediocre, it can instantly enhance your sweetness when you apply it on your fingertips.

  2. Pink purple - romantic lavender from Provence, if you want to be a mysterious fashion girl, don't miss this secret weapon, the light pink purple and transparent luster will highlight your flawless skin.

  3. Metallic gray - low-key dark gray seems to be popular for several seasons, until now, dark gray has changed the previous concentration, adding a little metallic luster, low-key revealing luxurious charm, if applied on the fingertips, Rich and pure nail polish shades create subtle shadows and highlights, adding depth and mystery to fingertips.

What is the method of wiping nail polish?

  1. Apply an appropriate amount of nail polish on the base coat.

  2. The nail polish is first rubbed on the fingertips in the center of the nail polish to avoid touching and falling off

  3. Open the pulp from the center of the nail polish and apply it from the base of the finger to the tip of the finger

  4. Divide the nail surface into thirds and apply one side first

  5. Then fill up the other side and apply a second coat of nail polish

  6. If the nail polish is accidentally applied and overflows the nail area, use a cotton swab to dab it with light water and carefully wipe it off

  7. Apply a coat of clear, quick-drying top coat.

Unna was born to be a color expert. We have a full color collection of 900 colors for you to choose from and match. unna's colors are inspired by many sources, such as "Ultramarine", which is derived from lapis lazuli. Carmine, for example, is extracted from cochineal. We also look for inspiration from the paintings of artists, such as our Prussian blue, etc.

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