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What do you know about Color Nail Gel?

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What do you know about Color Nail Gel?

Nail Gel is a cosmetic that is often used on fingernails or toenails in rich and colorful colors that are both aesthetically pleasing and protective.

  • What types of Color Nail Gel are there?

  • What are the raw materials and functions of nail polish?

  • How does the quality assessment of Color Nail Gel work?

What types of Color Nail Gel are there?

Color Nail Gel is available in rose red, red, nude, bean paste, silver, white, black, green, blue, light Nail Gel and other colors. Nail Gel can be colored as desired. You do not have to buy a lot of Nail Gel to cope with the change of clothing color. You just need to buy a few main colors and use the existing original color to overlap or divide the color. By using Nail Gel you get unexpected results. When overlapping the color For matching, you can simply apply a layer of bright color with high chroma, and then apply a layer of room color with mother-of-pearl structure,or, you can create a different color effect front of fingertip and nail for matching together, or divide the fingernail into a left and a right area, or you can use two or more colors and at intervals paint a contrast color or a coordinated color.

What are the raw materials and functions of nail polish?

nail polish, treatment and hardener have very similar formula compositions. All products contain film formers such as cellulose nitrate or cellulose acetate butyrate to make the product hard and shiny when dry. To make the film tough and elastic, resins or auxiliary film formers, such as tosylamide/formaldehyde resins or tosylamide/epoxy resins, are used. To prevent chipping and cracking, one or more plasticizers may be included, including triphenyl phosphate, trimethylpentyl diisobutyrate, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate. Low levels of solvents, including ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, isopropanol, and toluene, are used to help smooth product flow. Colored polishes or products contain FDA-approved colorants or pigments that are uniformly distributed in the product due to the inclusion of suspending agents or clays, such as stearyl hectorite or bentonite. To prevent fading, UV stabilizers such as benzophenone-1 are often added. Nail hardeners may also contain small amounts of formaldehyde to harden or strengthen nails.

How does the quality assessment of Color Nail Gel work?

  1. The quality of Nail Gel depends on whether it has the following characteristics:

  2. Has a suitable drying speed and can be cured

  3. Has a viscosity that is easy to apply to nails  

  4. Can form a uniform coating film

  5. The color is uniform and there is no float in the bottle

  6. The gloss and hue of the coating film can be maintained for a long time

  7. The topcoat oil has a certain elasticity

  8. Easy to remove when scrubbing with Nail Gel remover

The color of the Nail Gel is very rich, when choosing the Nail Gel, in addition to the quality, the color selection should generally harmonize with the clothes or make-up.

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