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What does a basic manicure process look like?

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What does a basic manicure process look like?

How are beautiful nails done? 

Today unnanail will share with you the specific steps of nail art: 


Preparation before starting:

1. Clean, File Your Nails. 

Disinfect your own and customer's hands with disinfectant water to remove bacteria and fungus from nails and hand surfaces. b. Disinfect the nail tools with a spray bottle.

2, use nail polish remover pack or soak off the nail polish

If the customer's nails were originally coated with nail polish you have to wash off with nail cleanser first.

3.Trim the shape, 

Use the nail strip to trim out a beautiful shape, according to the customer's hand shape.

4、Get rid of dead skin, 

Apply softener evenly around the nail, use dead skin pusher, push up the dead skin and cuticles.

5、Rough polish, fine polish. 

Use 4 in 1 polishing block, narrow side black, Polish the nail surface first, because our nails, Because our nails grow out with a striped path, sanding and polishing will flatten and smooth the nails, helping us to better paint beautiful nails, pay attention to the strength and uniformity when sanding.


Full progress:

1, Apply dehydrator

Quickly removes oil from the nail surface and kills bacteria on the surface.

2, Apply primer

Primer helps nails and nail polish bond better.

3, Apply base coat

A base coat is your best defense against staining. It "provides a clear protective layer between the nail and the pigment of the polish above," people says. So, obviously, applying the base coat is an essential step in manicure.

4, Apply color gel

When applying color gel, do not apply too much at a time. The best way is to take a small amount of color gel for the first time, apply and cure it, and then paint a second time. This way you can get more perfect results.

5, Apply hardener

Hardener can help you create a healthy, attractive nail curve and protects the color gel you've applied so that it doesn't peel off easily.

6 , Apply top coat

Finally, applying a top coat is also essential for nail art. It is the key for your manicure to last and shine and not get scratched.

7, apply cuticle oil. 

Use cuticle oil, apply it to the place where you have just exfoliated and dead skin, then massage until it is absorbed to promote healthy nail growth and prevent the barbs.

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