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What is Acrylic powder and how to apply acrylic powder?

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What is Acrylic powder and how to apply acrylic powder?

What is Acrylic powder?

There are two components needed. You need the acrylic powder which is a polymer,

And you are going to need the monomer, which is the liquid to blend with the acrylic powder. The monomer reacts with the powder to create a strong nail extension that air dries and can last up to three weeks. 

Acrylic powder are typically available in different colors, so clear is just the acrylic powder itself, and then you have your sheer colors, cover colors, color powders and also glitter powders.

acrylic powder3

Clear is used for almost every single set and it’s going to have the strongest adhesion.

Now that you know what acrylic is, let’s go over what kind of products you are going to need to get started.

You don’t need a lot to get started with acrylic but there are a few key products.

First you will need your acrylic powder, monomer which will react with the powder and a acrylic brush of the size between 12 and 14. and then you will need a dehydrator a primer.

If you are looking to do a nail extension you will need nail tips and nail glue. And of course a nail file and a top coat.

So how to choose these products?

  • When you are choosing a monomer there are some things that you want to avoid. First, never use a monomer that includes either mma or hema. These ingredients have been banned by the FDA for causing irritation burning and damage to the nail bed. Second, always use a monomer that has a purple tint, because if you use a clear monomer it will work perfectly fine to build your nail, but you are going to get that yellowing on the nail.

  • When choosing a acrylic powder, make sure that the powders are highly pigmented acrylic powder and have even color coverage.Good acrylic powders will be really smooth and buttery instead of chalky and crumbly.

acrylic powder4

The application

1: Push back the cuticles

2: File the nail surface

3: Choose a nail tip that fit, and glue it to the nail. Once it’s applied, trim and shape them well.

4: Apply dehydrator only to the natural nail bed. After it’s dried, apply primer also only to the natural nail.

5: Before applying any color to the nail bed, apply a thin layer of clear powder. It helps make your nails stronger.

6: Start about a hairline away from the cuticle and use the body of your brush to work the bead down to the free edge. When it’s done, let it dry for a few minutes.

7: Use a file to clean up the shape, and sharpen those edges.

Then buff away any imperfections

8: The final step, apply top coat, and cure it.

acrylic powder8


1: Make sure that your monomer stays clean throughout the process. If it starts to get a little bit thick gummy or cloudy, It’s time to change it.

2: The liquid to monomer ratio

If you have too much monomer on your brush you will have a really runny and watery bead. And It’s not going to build any structure. If you don’t get enough monomer on your brush your bead will be too dry, and the powder will stuck to the brush.

The key is that you have to keep practicing and just feel it out.

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