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What is nail gel?

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What is nail gel?

Color nail gel is often accompanied by a pungent smell and is volatile. Volatile solutes generally account for 70%-80%, which contain a small amount of cellulose and oil solvents, as well as camphor, titanium dioxide and pigments.

  • What is the use method of nail gel ?

  • What is the meaning of nail gel?

  • What are the basic ingredients of colored nail gel?

What is the use method of base coat and cuticle oil?

The color of the base coat is transparent or creamy white, and the base coat is applied after the nail is polished. The base coat is selected according to the texture of the customer's nails. If the nails are soft, calcium oil can be added. If the nail gel is needed, the base coat can prevent the nails from turning yellow and play a nutritional role. Note that primer must be applied before nail gel is applied in manicure.

The main method of cuticle oil is to do basic cleaning work first, apply softener to the nail skin at the edge of the nail, wait for 1 to 3 minutes, after the nail skin softens, use a dead skin pusher to push bacl the dead skin, and then use a dead skin scissors to cut off dead skin.

What is the meaning of nail gel?

The nail gel is a kind of resin gel; nail gel is general nail gel, different from nail polish, phototherapy gel is thicker than nail gel, both must be irradiated through phototherapy lamp, Unlike phototherapy gel, which can be used to extend nails directly, nail gel glue is not recommended for nail extensions because it is relatively thin. It is only suitable for rubbing the nail surface, or to do nail extensions through nail stickers.

What are the basic ingredients of colored nail gel?

The basic components of nail gel are nitrocellulose, alcohol phenol resin, ethyl acetate, camphor, ethanol, toluene, colorants, etc. Plasticizers for nail gel include dibutyl phthalate, tri-o-tolyl phosphate, etc. Plasticizers prevent the nail gel from wrinkling and twisting when it dries. nail gel solvent accounts for 3/4 of the finished product volume. Commonly used solvents are acetone, ethyl, butyl, pentyl acid salts and various alcohols. The pigments in nail gel are insoluble. Soluble pigments tend to stain the skin around the nails and are difficult to wash off. The pearlescent agent contained in nail gel makes the product bright and dazzling. Natural pearlescent agents are often taken from fish scales, and synthetic pearlescent agents include metal salts such as barium oxychloride.

In 2015, the co-founders Seven and Fay started their own business to create a professional gel brand. With more than ten years’ experience as the nail beauty specialists, they focused on product development to give support to those creative nail beauty specialists, helping them pursue and realize the standard of nail beauty.

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