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What is reinforced gel polish

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What is reinforced gel polish

What is reinforced gel polish?

Reinforced gel polish, also known as hardener ,as the name implies, is a kind of UV gel that increases the firmness. But this is just a simple literal understanding, hardener's function and use can be more than you think. 

Reinforced gel polish has the role of preventing nail polish from warping and cracking, protecting the top coat and color gel from scratches ; Reinforced gel polish is a nail polish that is needed when doing manicure, because some people's nails are too thin, applying Reinforced gel polish can increase the thickness and hardness of the nail

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A lot of girls like to do a beautiful manicure, but some girls nails are naturally thin and very soft, their manicure is easy to fall off or break very easy, and that's when the Reinforced gel polish will come in handy, reinforced gel polish as the name implies is used to strengthen the nail, it can increase the thickness and hardness of the nail, to avoid the nail too soft and nail polish gel warping, so even if your nails are thin and soft, with the reinforced gel polish used you will not be afraid of the nails breaking.

It is important to note that you don't need to wash the reinforced gel polish after you apply it, so you can put the color gel on directly after it is dried.

The reinforced gel polish can be the all-purpose gel in nail polish. 

Different formulas of reinforcing gel will have different effects, some reinforced gel polish will be a little thinner, some will be a little thicker.

For the less viscous reinforced gel polish, its functions are: 

1. leveling the nail surface

2. lighten the pen marks 

3. make the pattern more transparent and vibrant. 

4. For marble ink effect,  Due to its low consistency, the color gel will spread easily on the uncured reinforced gel polish. This way you get the marble ink effect.

For the higher viscosity of the reinforced gel polish,its functions are: 

1. strengthen the nail

2. to stick some small decorations 

3. to fill in the nail surface.

If your nails are thin, you can choose a thicker reinforcing gel so that your nails are strong enough.


The right steps are: 

first apply a base coat, then apply the reinforced gel polish on top of the base coat, and finally apply the color gel.

After applying the color gel, you can apply another layer of reinforced gel polish, which should not be cured, so you can fix some small decorations on the undried reinforced gel polish.

After adding some small decorations, the nail surface will be uneven, so you can choose to use a thinner reinforced gel polish to make the whole surface smoother. A less thick reinforced gel polish will have a good flow, so it will also lighten the brush marks left on the nail surface during the application of the color gel.

You can use a sanding strip to smooth the surface of the nail and apply the top coat at the end and done!

Reinforced gel polish is just another way of saying hardener, and we have a detailed article on unna hardener

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