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What is the base coat in nail polish?

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What is the base coat in nail polish?

Friends who love manicure must know very well about nail polish, such as a variety of color choices, a variety of styles to choose from. However, how many friends know that they need to apply base coat before applying nail polish? Is the base coat the kind of clear nail polish?

  • What is the base coat in nail polish?

  • What does the base coat in nail polish do?

  • What are the steps to use nail polish?

What is the base coat in nail polish?

The base coat is the first layer of nail polish applied during manicure. It is divided into three categories. One is to isolate colored nail polish and real nails to prevent pigmentation. One is to increase nail hardness to prevent breakage or delamination. Another is to prevent the nails from turning yellow.

Some friends think that the base coat is the transparent gel, but it is not. The base coat is used to protect the nails. It can not only protect the nails, but also show a lustrous luster. But clear nail polish cannot be used as a base coat, because it does not have the effect of preventing pigment penetration as a base coat.

What does the base coat in nail polish do?

Everyone can understand that the isolation cream used before makeup is used for isolation and protection. Without a primer before a manicure, your nails will quickly become brittle and yellow. Similarly, the base coat is different from the nail polish. The base coat can protect the nails, but it has no moisturizing effect on the nails.

Even if you just want a light coat of nail polish, you should apply a base coat first. The primer can protect the real nails from damage, prevent the nails from being stained by the nail polish, and at the same time improve the durability of the nail polish, you must remember to apply it before the manicure.

What are the steps to use nail polish?

  1. Shake the nail polish well. Shake the nail polish bottle gently before applying nail polish to make the color more even.

  2. Apply primer. The role of the primer is to make the color last longer and prevent the nails from turning yellow or breaking.

  3. Dip in nail polish. Dab a small amount of nail polish with the tip of the brush and sweep across the mouth of the bottle to remove excess.

  4. Color the nails. First apply a stroke to the center of the nail, then apply the left and right sides, be careful to apply lightly, and then apply the second layer.

  5. Repaint fingertips. After two coats of color, focus on the ends of the nails to make the color last longer.

  6. Apply top coat. Finally, coat the nails with a clear top coat to give the nails a lustrous look.

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