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What's the Best choice for Fat Fingers?

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What's the Best choice for Fat Fingers?

What's the Best choice for Fat Fingers?

Different nail colors are suitable for different fingers, and for many people with fat fingers, it is often difficult to choose.

Here is our summary of the best nail colors for fat fingers

The first step is that you should pick a color that suits you and then choose the right style. A right color can affect your mood for the next few weeks. We believe that we shouldn't blindly follow trendy colors, what suits you is the best.

In this article, I will share the best nail colors for fat fingers. They will make your fingers look slimmer and complement your temperament.

First choice: Nude

nude pink

Nude is the best color for fat fingers because it is closer to the color of your skin and visually gives you a sense of extensions, making your fingers look slimmer.

If your skin tone is pale, then a light, sheer pink would be your first choice; you can also choose a light cream or beige; this will also blend well on pale skin. If you have wheatish skin, then a pink shade with neutral tones will work well. Try choosing a lighter but opaque pink because if you have olive skin, choosing a sheer pink may be too thin to do you any good.

The darker your skin tone, the less likely you are to choose a sheer color; again, this will compliment your skin tone better than a sheer polish. Any color from light beige to dark chocolate is great for medium to deep skin tones.

French manicure

French manicure is another style that is great for fat fingers because it creates a smooth transition between your fingers and nails and doesn't look too abrupt. The tip of the French manicure can also give you a more natural look.

As a classic nail style, they give you a feeling that will be clean and elegant. This is why it will always be in the trend ranks. Mixing a nude base with white tips, as it is just an enhanced version of a natural nail.

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