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What types of Color Nail polish are there?

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What types of Color Nail polish are there?

The base coat of colored Nail polishes must usually be colorless, i.e. transparent, so that the colored Nail polish on the back can bring out the color better. There are also some base oils with some color, such as light pink and light blue. In fact, this type of Nail polish is almost invisible when applied to the nails, but it is also possible, but do not use the type of Nail polish that is visible when applied, as this will affect the color saturation of the later applied Nail polish.

  • What should I pay attention to before applying colored Nail polish?

  • What is the composition of Nail polish?

  • What colors do the Nail polishes have?

What should I pay attention to before applying colored Nail polish?

It is best to apply the Nail polish as little as possible to the whole nail, otherwise it will become slightly uneven and affect the shine of the nail.

2.With each application, the amount of Nail polish on the brush should be as equal as possible to make it easier to apply evenly.

3. Be sure to wash the grease off your hands before applying.

What is the composition of Nail polish?

The basic components of Nail polish are nitrocellulose, alcohol phenolic resin, ethyl acetate, camphor, ethanol, toluene, dyes, etc. Softeners for Nail polish are dibutyl phthalate, tri-o-tolyl phosphate, etc. Softeners prevent the Nail polish from creasing and twisting when drying Nail polish solvents make 3/4 of the finished product volume out of acetone, ethyl, butyl, pentyl acid salts and various alcohols.

What colors do the Nail polishes have?

Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and increase the beauty of nails. It can form a friction-resistant film on the surface of the nails to protect and beautify the nails. The colorants of Nail polish mainly include inorganic pigments, organic pigments, pearlescent pigments and metallic glitter colorants. Inorganic pigments are opaque; organic pigments are very brightly colored substances that give nails a vibrant color. According to the different properties of its pigments, the color of Nail polish can generally be divided into the following colors:

Red Nail polish: mainly including wine red, pink and other colors;

Green Nail polish: mainly includes dark green, bright green and other colors;

Silver Nail polish: mainly including silver gray and other colors;

Black Nail polish: mainly includes light black, dark black and other colors;

Purple Nail polish: mainly includes light purple, dark purple and other colors.

Different color Nail polishes are suitable for different people and places. When using Nail polish, the color of Nail polish should be selected and matched according to the needs of occupation, occasion, and clothing.

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