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Why Gel Nail Polish is better than Regular Nail Polish

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Why Gel Nail Polish is better than Regular Nail Polish

Why Gel Nail Polish is better than Regular Nail Polish?


Regular nail polish is always tried and true. 

This is a necessity for middle school students to spend the night away, and a staple for the working woman’s outfit planning. 

But what about gel nails? What can gel manicure give you that regular nail polish can't give you?

Gel manicure has still quickly become the main product of salons. 

Nevertheless, for those who are not sure whether to try new gel polishes, we have collected their benefits for you:

  1. Quick-drying

Gel nail polish is thicker than regular nail polish. 

The main feature that distinguishes it from classic manicure is part of the curing application process 

because gel nail polish does not dry naturally.

Curing refers to putting the nails under LED or ultraviolet light to activate the chemical process to dry each layer of nail polish. 

Considering that the gel nail application has extra time to repair the nail polish, 

you can immediately leave your appointment or home application to completely dry the nail.

   2. Chip-free

Quick-drying, durable formula, gel polish is hardly broken. 

Your gel manicure is very resistant to peeling or stains, and the color will be as bright and shiny as the first day.

   3. Durable

Gel polish can be used for at least 2-3 weeks, while regular nail polish will not fall off for a week. 

In the case of light application, your gel nails last at least twice as long as normal nail polishes, 

but in fact, they can make your nails four to six times the standard.


Take the core ingredient color powder as an example: 

when creating nail art, it is sometimes necessary to apply each color layer very thinly, 

with a thin multi-layer color overlay that brings an exceptionally soft visual beauty. 

The thickness of each layer is so thin that it can only be counted in microns after the color layer dries, 

which requires the particles of the color powder to be very finely ground. unna selects German color powder, 

processed by ultra-fine grinding process into nano-level color paste, super fine and smooth.

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