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Why is Color nail polish used by so many people?

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Why is Color nail polish used by so many people?

Pastel nail polish can form a variety of combinations, try it out, maybe you can combine it with unexpected and breathtaking works! For more infprmation about the Color Nail Gel, please read the following words.

  • Why is Color nail polish used by so many people?

  • How to identify the color of nail polish?

  • How does the applied nail polish last longer?

Why is Color nail polish used by so many people?

Nail care is an important part of female beauty. Beauty loving women always like to paint their long nails with bright red nail polish. To show the charm of slender hands. However, before beautifying the nails, the nails should be retouched. The first is to remove the old nail polish. Dip a cotton pad into the nail polish remover and rub it several times from the bottom of the nail to the tip to remove it completely. This can also cause old nail polish to seep into the epidermis or environment, then use the manicure tool to trim the shape of the nail. When you're done, dip your hands in soapy water to soften the crust. Then use a towel to carefully clean the fingers and between the fingers and at the same time press the fingers slowly to bring the skin close to the nails. If necessary, use scissors and small tweezers to remove thorns and jagged dead skin at the nail base.

How to identify the color of nail polish?

We all know that color is a visual reaction produced by light acting on the human eye. The reason why people form a sense of color is due to the light, and different colors may appear when illuminated by different light.

Since there are subtle differences between different color numbers of nail polish, in order to accurately assess the color of nail polish, it is necessary to test the color of nail polish. The traditional color evaluation method of nail polish mainly relies on direct visual observation of the human eye. Due to the influence of the observation light source environment, observation angle, and subjective psychological factors of observation, the evaluation results of nail polish color will be biased. In order to evaluate the color of nail polish more objectively and accurately, the color of nail polish can be detected in a standard light source box.

How does the applied nail polish last longer?

1.Wash your hands with soap before use or wipe your nails with alcohol swabs to remove grease.

Second, apply a layer of light oil before painting, then apply 1-2 layers of colored nail polish to ensure each layer is dry before applying the next layer.

3.After the colored nail polish is dried, finally apply light oil;

Note: When brushing, leave some space (0.5-1mm) on both sides of the nails, the nail polish applied to the skin must be scraped off, and then use transparent water or an abrasion-resistant water seal layer so that the edges are not easy to warp.

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