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Why is nude colors the best for beginners?

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Why is nude colors the best for beginners?

What is the best nail polish for nail art beginners? I would vote for the nude colors. So why is nude color nail polish the best for beginners?

nude colors


As the name suggests, nude is a simple color, basically close to flesh color, emphasizing a modest and calm beauty that can be matched with any clothing and accessories.

Nude is the original color of the object, that is, without any modification, the original color. Nude is also the color that everyone has on their body. It is not specific to a particular color. The color of flesh, beige, light pink and other simple fresh colors are among the nude colors.

The advantages of nude gel nail polish

1. Very natural and refreshing

The nude colors will not look exaggerated, but present a more natural state, so there will not be an abrupt feeling, some girls may feel that the nude nail color is too understated, there is nothing bright on the hand. In fact, there are a lot of nude nail art, there are also many exquisite styles appear, will not look low-key, but will make you looks stunning.

Many nail artists have also taken into account the girls' quest, and developed a lot of beautiful styles based on nude colors. Nude gel manicure have long ceased to feel inconspicuous.

2. Almost suitable for everyone

And nude color manicure is very versatile, Basically suitable for everyone, It will give you a very fashionable temperament. This is the reason why many girls like nude gel manicure, and It is a color system that may contain some characteristic nude colors, which will give you a very refreshing feeling.

3. Suitable for many occasions

Some nude colors are pinkish and look more Younger, while some nude colors are more brownish, with some warm tones, which will be more visible, and some nude colors are darker gray tones, which will have a more understated feel. So nude colors are not as simple as you might think, and nude color manicure will give you a lot of fresh experiences. This is also an important reason why nude gel manicure can stand a firm position in the nail art world ~ nude colors can basically meet the needs of almost all girls.

4. Fits well with clothing

The nude colors are also super cute and sweet, and many girls like it very much because it is really cute. It looks as if colorful fruits are in front of you, which makes your heart grow fonder. You can match it with some sweet and lovely style of clothing. It will be very suitable,Maybe nude gel manicure are not very conspicuous, but it can match your outfit very well. The nude colors gel polish is also very suitable to make different styles.

5. Can easily be improved

If a simple nude gel nail polish is applied on the nails, it is natural but too simple.But If you add sequins as an embellishment, it can make its style more colorful, and also become more fashionable and unique. This is why applying sequins on your nails has become the most popular element nowadays.

How do you choose the right nude gel?

Delicate series

The right way to do is matching your undertone, you need to know if you are warm or cool.

If you are a warm-skinned beauty, you should go for nude gel with cool pink and mauve. On the other hand, if you are a cool-skinned beauty, you could go for nude gel with darker color. The best choice for you is a pale nude tha’s soft and delicate. Such as a darker gray tones.

Unnanail, with the 900 color series. We are very confident that you find the right nude gel color for you within our color collections.The nude colors are basically concentrated in the Exquisite Series and Elegant Series. You can find them here:

nude colors

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