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About unna

unna was born to be a color expert. We have a full color collection of 900 colors for you to choose from and match. unna's colors are inspired by many sources, such as "Ultramarine", which is derived from lapis lazuli. Carmine, for example, is extracted from cochineal. We also look for inspiration from the paintings of artists, such as our Prussian blue, etc.

From the beginning, unna's basic mission was to find richer, brighter colors.

Our History

In 2015, the co-founders Seven and Fay started their own business to create a professional gel brand. With more than ten years’ experience as the nail beauty specialists, they focused on product development to give support to those creative nail beauty specialists, helping them pursue and realize the standard of nail beauty.

The brand unna origins from four words: unlimited, nail, new, artist which shows the mission of the brand - Unlimited new colors are made for nail beauty artists. unna finally developed a breakthrough system with 900 colors specially designed for all the nail artists to simplify color selection, with impressive and powerful visual effects. Besides, unna’s compound formula consisting of the medical photosensitive resin and cosmetic color paste makes its gel more outstanding.

Our Vision

The idea of unna was inspired by the painter's paint palette.
A Brazilian painter came to Fay's home as a sofa guest and a set of paint pallets that the painter had with him caught Fay's attention, and she had the idea that an artist's library of colours from which every nail artist could select their own 'paint box' would be something that everyone would want. The idea was supported by Seven, who saw the need for nail artists to have the freedom to choose their own colours and improve the quality of their products. After three years, they have finally developed a wide range of products with a complete colour system that meets the discerning needs of nail artists.
unna, I choose what I want, all colours, all effects.

    Our Honor

           unna has been deeply involved in this nail industry for almost 10 years. Our                         products have been widely recognized by the market and our customers.

           Our products have passed the tests of several testing institutions.

           If you need some certificates to sell certain products in your country, you can                     contact us.

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