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How to Use?

1.Apply base color gel

Finish base gel and color gel, and cure under lamp

2.Apply blooming gel

After apply blooming gel, no need to cure

3.Dot color gel

Dot color gel by manicure pen

4.Bloom the color gel

Use manicure pen to let color gel bloom, and cure under lamp

5.Apply hardener

If needed, apply hardener and cure under lamp

6.Apply top coat

Apply top coat, and cure under lamp


  • Because there is oil secretion on the nail surface, it is a normal reaction to have shrinkage after applying nail polish to the light. You can sand the nail surface before applying. At the same time, apply more than 2 layers, more uniform gloss~

  • Our products are all in line with EU standards, we strictly require each bottle of gel polish to be tested at high temperature for one month to ensure its stability. We also offer after sales service to ensure that all gels are of high quality when sent to our customers.
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