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  • Q What kind of customization can you offer?

    A We can offer whatever you want to customization to you, include Raw material formula/BOX/Bottle/LOGO PRODUCT etc.
  • Q I am a salon owner, how can I get more products other than gel polish?

    A We not only provide gel polish, but also a one-stop service for painting pen, UV lamps, accessories and other nail supplies.
  • Q How you guarantee the quality of the gel polish?

    A Our products are all in line with EU standards, we strictly require each bottle of gel polish to be tested at high temperature for one month to ensure its stability. We also offer after sales service to ensure that all gels are of high quality when sent to our customers.
  • Q Is it possible to give me a little more discount?

    A Our company has its own research and development capabilities, on the basis of which we can give you the best price in terms of quality and quantity. And you can add our store to your bookmarks to pay attention to promotions.
  • Q Can I be the exclusive distributor at my country/city?

    A Yes, we are finding the distributors all over the world. We would like to know more about you and your market.
  • Q Do you have any certifications to prove your products safety?

    A Yes, We have GMPC, ISO22716, CPNP, MSDS etc.
  • Q Can I label own LOGO on gel polish?

    A Sure. Our experienced team provides one-stop service from design, color selection, packaging, etc.
  • Q What about delivery time?

    A For existing stock: we can ship in 2-3 days, for OEM customized products: less than 3000 quantities,we can ship in 10-12 days, more than 3000 need to negotiate the delivery time.
  • Q How to send the products to my place?

    A We have logistics channels air express thought Fedex, TNT, DHL and etc. If you have a forwarder, we can also send the goods directly to your forwarder.
  • Q Can I get free samples?

    A Yes, we can provide samples for free, and the freight needs to be paid by you.
  • Q Nail polish should not be applied too thick, the correct method is Small amount and multiple times.

    A Because the light therapy lamp is ultraviolet principle, the nail polish quickly contracted under the lamp to produce a lot of heat, which will make the nails have a painful feeling. When your fingers are uncomfortable, you can take your hand out and stop for 1 to 2 seconds, then continue to shine the light.
  • Q How come it’s not dry after 60 seconds?

    A Nail polish should not be applied too thick, the correct method is Small amount and multiple times.
  • Q Why does the nail polish shrink after application?

    A Because there is oil secretion on the nail surface, it is a normal reaction to have shrinkage after applying nail polish to the light. You can sand the nail surface before applying. At the same time, apply more than 2 layers, more uniform gloss~
  • Q It is difficult to remove even after using the nail removal kit, how can I do?

    A Dear customer, the degree of difficulty to remove varies with individual oil secretion. First, use sanding strip to polish the nail surface to remove the sealer, then use the nail removal kit for 5-8 minutes, then push it off from the edge with the help of steel push.
  • Q Nail polish is environmentally friendly, why does it still have a strange smell?

    Nail polish has good adhesion and gloss, which contains volatile ingredients, such as lipids, alcohols. These ingredients are internationally, certified by environmental organizations, confirmed as healthy and environmentally friendly, please feel free to use.
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