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gel polish vs regular polish

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gel polish vs regular polish

gel polish vs regular polish

Regular nail polish: been used for a hundred years. Easy, and affordable.

Gel polish: been used for around 40 years and with some amazing features. Yet it is little high maintenance.

Well, which one is better? How do I choose them?

Regular nail polish:

For starters cost and supplies are very different, for regular nail polish, you dont really need that much. You need a cuticle stick to push your cuticles back. You need a good file to be able to buff the natural nail and then another file to smooth it. Then you need a little bit of oil to get rid of the dust. Then you can wash your hands. Then you need a base coat, coat of color and a top coat. Finally you are gonna need some time to let it dry.


And as for gel polish

Its basically the same. But you need a compatible lamp that go with the gel polish.

Both polishes begin with pushing back the cuticle. Both applications also require some filing to prep. And oil goes on before nail polish application. But gel polish need more complicated preparation on nails. And that is what makes it last. And after applying the base coat, here comes the biggest advantages for gel polish, the lamp. While regular nail polish are applied, you must to wait for it to dry. It may take 3 to 5 minutes or even more. But for gel polish, when you put your hand in the lamp ,you know between 30 to 60 seconds, Its completely cured. And that's how you can recover the time you lost in the preparation phase.

Advantages and disadvantages:

And another cool thing about gel is it doesnt dry as you apply and it also self levels. These are some amazing features that rugular nail polish doesn't have. And Its going to last at least two weeks on natural nails

But when it comes to remove the nail polish gel polish could get little more tricky. And for regular nail polish, you just need to get yourself some nail polish remover and take some time to wipe it off.

To remove gel polish, you need to first use a nail drill machine to sand it, then continue sanding it with a file, and finally wrap your nail with a nail remover pack. This can take up to 15 minutes or more. But to protect you natural nails, you have no choice.

nail remove

So here is the conclusion. 

It isnt a matter of either or its just a matter of what service and what type of nail and durability and cost and time of service you are looking for.

unnanail, not only produce UV nail polish, but also always improving our regular nail polish. We can provide you with not only custom packaging, but even custom formulations. I hope today's sharing is helpful to you. Also, if you are interested in our products please visit our website!

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