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how to remove gel nail polish safe and quick

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how to remove gel nail polish safe and quick

how to remove gel nail polish safe and quick

Gel manicure are all the rage right now. Everybody loves gel nail polish, but you’re probably removing your gel nail polish the wrong way. So today we are going to learn the right way to do it. And you can do it yourself at home.

The first way to do it , you need to prepare the tools that you need to accomplish this task.

 1: Cotton balls

2: Acetone

3: Nail groomer

4: Aluminum foil

  • Step 1: take 1 cotton ball, this is going to remove all of your gel polish from both hands. You can break it up to tiny pieces and what you’re going to make sure you do is you divide them into 10 separate little pieces for each nail. The cotton don’t need to be very thick beacuse you need to dip them into your acetone.

  • Step 2: once it’s completely saturated, put the saturated cotton ball onto the top of your nail bed and you want to make sure that you are not wrapping your entire finger with the cotton ball. This will dry out your cuticles and your nails, which is not good.

  • Step 3: take a small piece of aluminum foil and wrap the nail. This will create a heat conducting type of mechanism and help acetone completely goes through the gel polish. After five minutes, you can check if the gel are peeling. If your gel nails has only been on your nails for about a week, you need to wait little more longer, about ten minutes.

  • Step 4: after five to ten minutes, take off the aluminum foil. If you see the gel polish actually peeling up off of your nail,them you are ready for the next step. Take your nail groomer or a wooden stick, and start to push off the gel polish very very gently. Starting at your cuticle and ending at your tip. If you do it backwards and start at the tip, you will risk severely damaging your nail, which completely contradicts the whole purpose of removing your gel polish correctly

  • Step 5:after you remove all of your gel polish, you want to take one more cotton ball, and dip it in some acetone. Then swipe over your nail lightly to get rid of any excess polish that is left over. And finally, you may find your cuticles are a little bit dry. All you need is a bit of cuticle oil and even a moisturizer. Then your nails are good to go.

Now you know the right way to remove your gel manicure without sanding down your polish or peeling it off.

gel polish remove

And sometimes, if the acetone doesn’t work very well, you need to start your process with buffing the gel polish. The more you can take off with the file the less time you are going to spend on soaking.

Make sure you don’t buff your natural nail, because that will cause serious damage to your nails.

Regarding the tools, you can improvise. You don't necessarily have to use aluminum foil, plastic wrap can work just as well.

If you do not want to spend too much time on this. You may also choose not to use cotton balls. Take some Acetone in a cup and sand the surface of your gel polish slightly. You can then dip five fingers into the acetone. This is very unfriendly to your cuticle and the skin of your fingers, but you can remove the nail polish very easily.

nail remove

We recommend that you stock up some nail removal packs around the house. It is very convenient. All you need to do is peel off the package, cover the surface of your nails with the cotton side, and stick it on your finger. 5 to 10 minutes later, you can easily remove your nail polish.

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