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how to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?

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how to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?

how to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish

  • What causes gel polish allergic reactions?

Allergy to gel polish may be caused by the patient's immune function disorder, the addition of new ingredients to gel polish products, and long-term continuous contact with gel polish that has not been cured, which may lead to the yellowing of nails, brittle nails, or itchy, red and swollen skin, as well as diarrhea and cough.

1, immune function disorder:

when the body due to fatigue, anxiety, excessive stress, tension, mood swings, etc., resulting in immune function disorder, after the gel polish antigen invasion, there may be excessive immune response of the body, resulting in a sudden allergy to gel polish.


2, gel polish added new ingredients:

gel polish on the market in a variety of categories, the composition also has a slight difference, when switching to a new category of gel polish, the new composition may lead to allergies.

3. Continuous contact with uncured gel polish:

When gel polish antigen enters the body for the first time, There may not be any allergic reactions, but allergic reactions may occur when nail polish antigen enters the body again. So constant contact with uncured product can cause allergies. And If you come up with an allergy there’s nothing you can do. You are now allergic to this certain chemical in that product. And it could be the same ingredient that’s in an acrylic nails and you could be allergic to that as well.So When there is a sudden allergic reaction to gel polish, you should stop using it, and if necessary, you can use medication under the guidance of a doctor.

how to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish

Gel polish is a common nail product in the market nowadays. It is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and has the luster and rich colors of gel. The medications for gel polish allergy include calcium-tonic neurase inhibitors such as tacrolimus ointment and non-steroidal ointments. All of the above medications need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Suggestions: Pay attention to the symptoms of contact allergy when the body appears, avoid contact with allergic substances in time, through anti-allergy medication conditioning treatment, when it really can not be avoided, it is recommended not to contact with gel polish.

How to treat an allergic reaction to gel nail polish?


First point: why would you be allergic to gel polish? First of all, it may be because the nail art process, disinfection is not good enough. Because in this process, some drugs may produce bacteria, so it may be due to disinfection is not good enough to cause allergies. Allergies of gel polish are mainly divided into acrylic resin allergy and photosensitive dermatitis. It is recommended to check your allergens first and then choose gel polish products that do not contain that ingredient.

The second point: what should we pay attention to when applying gel polish? First of all, try to avoid direct skin contact with uncured gel polish. Gel polish is very stable after it is cured, so you don't have to worry about allergies. If you are a nail technician or you often do gel polish manicure for yourself. Try to avoid direct contact and make sure you clean up the nails with alcohol often.

Point 3: What should I do if I am allergic to UV light? The easiest way is to wear gloves when you are having a gel polish manicure. Don't touch the skin of other parts of your body during the process of manicure. Each time you are done, you should pay attention to the disinfection and cleaning of your hands and tools and equipment.

Note: Do not mix appliances and gel polish during the process of manicure. And after each use, disinfection should be carried out in a timely and effective manner, and disinfection should be thorough. In serious cases, it is recommended to go to the hospital dermatology department for consultation and treatment.


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