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Why do we need to use Nail Dehydrator?

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Why do we need to use Nail Dehydrator?

Why do we need to use Nail Dehydrator?

can you use alcohol as a nail dehydrator?

The answer is yes, you can use alcohol as a nail dehydrator. Most nail dehydrators have a percentage of alcohol in them, so if you don't have a nail dehydrator, using alcohol will have the same effect.

dehydrator apply

So why do we recommend using a nail dehydrator?

Nail dehydrators are used to help your acrylic and gel nails adhere better to your natural nails; this also helps them last longer and keeps them in better condition.

There is a lot of natural oil and moisture on your natural nails, which can make your acrylic or gel nails lift faster because the smooth, shiny nail bed is hard to grip.

Using a nail dehydrator removes most of the oil and moisture from your nails, which helps your acrylic or gel nails hold up better for longer.

It is important to make sure that the isopropyl alcohol you use is very concentrated, as it will have less water in it, which means there is a possibility of leaving any moisture on your nails.

(Make sure there is no other product on the nail polish brush and that the brush is completely dry before applying the alcohol to your nails.)

Wait 2 to 3 minutes to make sure your nails have completely absorbed the alcohol and acetone.

You should see that the texture of your nails is changing and it is turning into a matte, washed out white effect.

Once your nails have finished drying, you can move on to work on your nails.

Benefits of using a dehydrator


Makes your manicure last longer

As we know, using a dehydrator allows your nails to adhere better to the nail bed, which means they will last longer. This also means that your manicure won't crack or break as easily as it would without a dehydrator, so you can keep your nails longer in an acceptable way.

Your nails will last about three weeks before you need a filler, which in turn will save you money because you won't have to go through this as often.

Keeps your manicure better quality

When you use a nail dehydrator, it tends to make your nails stronger and of better quality. This means that they don't lift as much as they would without a dehydrator and there is less chance of them chipping.

They also make your nail bed smoother because it provides the first layer for your nails. This does the same thing as the first coat of nail polish, which means the ridges on your nails will be filled in so it's a more even surface.

Kills bacteria

Most nail dehydrators have a small percentage of isopropyl alcohol in them, and alcohol can act as a disinfectant. This means it will kill any harmful bacteria on your nail bed, which can prevent any infections and improve the hygiene level of your nails.

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